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The SFC is the specialists society for chemical analysis of food and commodities in Switzerland. It promotes the understanding of chemical and physical relationships, as well as the knowledge of analytical methods and techniques.more

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Swiss Food Science Meeting 2023


10:30 - 15:00


University of Neuchâtel
Aula des jeunes Rives

"Future Food and Dietary Supplements - Risks & Analytical Solutions" will take place on 28 and 29 June 2023.

Future Food
Image: Bild von 泊悦 枫美 auf Pixabay

The challenges in the area of novel foods and food supplements will be examined. The legal requirements and legal stumbling blocks in these areas will be outlined. Companies directly involved will report on their experiences with the approval and development of novel foods. What is the risk of food supplements and novel foods and how can the risk be minimised?

The General Assembly of the SFC will also be held at this meeting. As a special highlight, the Poster Award, which will be determined by the participants, and the SFC Young Scientist Award 2023 will be presented.

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