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The SFC is the specialists society for chemical analysis of food and commodities in Switzerland. It promotes the understanding of chemical and physical relationships, as well as the knowledge of analytical methods and techniques.more

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Swiss Food Science Meeting 2017

Meat and meat products: Analytical challenges and risk assessment


Espace Louis Agassiz 1, Neuchâtel

The analytical control of meat and meat products covers a wide field of different analytical techniques and analytical targets. Besides classical topics such as veterinary drugs, dioxins and PCBs new topics such as the production of eatable insects as well as of vegetarian meat stuff are emerging.

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Invited plenary speakers will provide insight and guidance on suitable analytical techniques and strategies to detect veterinary drug and environmental residues, technological additives, meat adulterations and to control the production of eatable insects. Experts from analytical laboratories and from regulatory bodies will share their concepts of risk assessment and risk management of meat and meat products.

The Swiss Food Science Meeting (SFSM 2017) provides an update on emerging issues related to the food sciences and represents an excellent opportunity for scientists from academia, industry and government laboratories or institutions to share knowledge in this rapidly progressing field. Besides the presentations of distinguished invited speakers, the organising committee welcomes oral contributions as well as posters. Contributions are appreciated to the SFSM issue, but they are also open to the whole field of food science. Papers arising from presentations and posters will be published.

During the symposium, the award committee will select the most innovative poster contributions (best poster and best young scientist poster). The awards will be presented during the closing session and are sponsored by SSFC and by VKCS (ACCS).

Thus, there are a lot of reasons to attend the third Swiss Food Science Meeting 2017 and we look forward to welcome you in the beautiful lakeside town of Neuchâtel!

President VKCS
Dr. Otmar Deflorin

President SSFC
Dr. Pius Kölbener


  • Food security
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