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The SFC is the specialists society for chemical analysis of food and commodities in Switzerland. It promotes the understanding of chemical and physical relationships, as well as the knowledge of analytical methods and techniques.more

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Labor um 1900
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Today's SFC was founded in 1887 as the Association of Swiss Analytical Chemists (VSAC). Originally planned as an association of cantonal chemists working in food control, the VSAC opened its doors as early as 1887 to other chemists and pharmacists involved in chemical-analytical studies in addition to food chemists.

In 1943 the VSAC became the Swiss. Gesellschaft für analytische und angewandte Chemie (SGAAC).

In 1991, the name was changed to the Swiss Society for Food and Environmental Chemistry (SGLUC).

The current name SFC was adopted in 2015 with the focus on food and consumer goods.