Member of SCNAT

The SFC is the specialists society for chemical analysis of food and commodities in Switzerland. It promotes the understanding of chemical and physical relationships, as well as the knowledge of analytical methods and techniques.more

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The SFC promotes

  • the understanding of chemical relationships of food and commodities as a contribution to integral consumer protection;
  • the knowledge of methods and techniques of chemical analysis of food and commodities;
  • the exchange among members as well as with related organisations and other interested parties;
  • the technical cooperation and exchange of knowledge between scientific institutions, authorities with enforcement tasks and industry.

The SFC aims to achieve the above-mentioned objectives through

  • organising symposia, workshops, excursions, etc. and publishing scientific papers;
  • maintaining a website;
  • arousing the interest of students in the field;
  • informing interested lay people.

The SFC is a member of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) and a collective member of the Analytical Chemistry Division of the Swiss Chemical Society (SCS).